Zazzie started out with the idea from 3 very different women whom all agreed that we are missing something in our wardrobes. We were fashionable, yes, without a doubt. But we all agreed that Thailand’s fashion market lacked the idea of comfortable fashion and that’s where we come in! We wanted to create a brand that aims to put your sexy and cute undergarments needs first.

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The typical lingerie lines in Thailand is lacking in a specific niche area and that was bras and bralets that were fun, cute or that can be worn to show off under backless or more revealing clothing. We wanted to create something that would make every woman comfortable to wear any clothing.

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The idea of Zazzie started in 2013 and after there was almost a year of research and development, Zazzie began selling in November that year. Since then, Zazzie currently has a placement in 2 stores in Bangkok, The BLOC Shop and Ponystone Siam Square branch and offers worldwide shipping with most customers coming from Malaysia and Australia. We are proud to say that we have successfully produced 4 collections since then, and our Instagram following has grown to 12,600 followers.

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I started Zazzie with my best friend Sarah. When I asked my best friend to help me with an idea that I had, I knew that Sarah was looking for a new project to do and so I asked her if she would be interested in helping me. She jumped in! We worked together from choosing a name, to what Zazzie is now.

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Working with your best friend, it has definitely been an interesting experience. I know a lot of people who says that you should not get into business with friends but this has worked for us. Our personalities and differences complement each other and has allowed for us to succeed as we have. We have a strong friendship and understanding of one another that has allowed us to work together very well.

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