Topshop launch their archive collection


Topshop Archive is a collection of 33 limited-edition pieces inspired by original designs of the brand’s most popular pieces from over the years  that have been authentically reissued along with some more mod styles. Think 80s prom frocks, 70s smock dresses and 90s lurex halters with rave coats thrown in for good measure.

DRESS-45_426x639 DRESS-45-COAT-200_426x639 DRESS-65-_426x639 DRESS-68-2_426x639 DRESS-70-BLAZER-70_426x639 KNITWEAR-50-SKIRT-45_426x639 TOP-32-SKIRT-45_426x639 SHIRT-45-SHORTS-38_426x639

This is a whole new level of vintage shopping. Now you can fulfil your retro shopping desires by popping along to Toppers and browsing in an air-conned store. Dreamy.

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