Welcome to Liese’s Master Class. Your mission: take charge of your new look. Liese and Yang Bao Bei (POPCULTURE Influencer) invites you to celebrate your achievements this past year and get party-ready hair at home!

Makeovers don’t have to cost a lot. Instead of feeling boxed in before the festivities, choose from 10 shades of Liese’s Creamy Bubble Colour. The improved creamy formula now coats hair strands four times better too. Witness the hair magic right here, as Yang Bao Bei shows you how she got her new rockin’ shade of Sweet Apricot.


Easy-Peasy Prep Time

Put on a dark coloured tee that you don’t mind staining, or a hairdresser’s cape before you do anything else. Next, run a comb through your unwashed hair so it’s tangle-free and part it evenly. Then apply an oil-based cream along your hairline and ears to minimize dye stains. Get your gloves on.


Unboxing Creamy Bubbles

Inside the kit, you’ll have the major components you need to dye your hair at home. You get a bottle of hair dye (Solution 1), a bottle of developer (Solution 2), a Foamer Cap, Rinse-Off Treatment sachet, a pair of gloves and instructions. Tip: Keep wet wipes within reach for easy cleaning throughout.


Mix It Up

Pour ‘Solution 1’ into the bottle containing ‘Solution 2’. Close the cap tightly and gently tilt the bottle back and forth until both solutions are evenly mixed. Don’t shake the bottle vigorously as this will disrupt the consistency. Liese’s caring, Creamy Bubble Hair Colour is formulated with moisturizing Royal Jelly and Hydrolysed Silk for protection.


Foam’s Out!

Hold the bottle upright and gently squeeze to dispense foam on your palm. Best to skip the shortcuts this time! Avoid tilting the bottle so the foam doesn’t come out runny and don’t apply the foam directly on your hair either. The product may get in your eyes or make a watery mess.


Start From The Top

Don’t massage the foam as how you would shampoo your hair. For even colour, start applying foam near the roots, and work your way downwards. Then, part hair from your and repeat application. Once that’s done, gather your hair upwards and run your fingers through it (gently) starting from the base of your neck.


Increase Foamy Goodness

Using only your fingers, gently massage hair until it’s completely covered with foamy lather. Make sure fine strands are covered and continue to work up a lather, adding foam if needed. Avoid rubbing hair between your palms or rough scalp massages so it stays tangle-free. Carefully apply foam near hairline and parting lines.


Worth The Wait

Treat yourself to some marshmallows, catch up on your Instagram feed and watch an episode of Modern Family while you wait it out for 20 – 30 minutes. If the foam turns watery – gently massage hair to reactivate the foam. Finally, rinse off thoroughly with running water, follow with shampoo, Liese’s Rinse-off Treatment and more rinsing.


Hello New Hair

Mission accomplished! Go ahead and gloat, you’ve just mastered great at-home colour with Liese! Their trendy shades makes achieving beautiful results all by yourself simple and fun. You know what they say; no muss, no fuss. Which is why Liese stands out on the shelves with its improved Creamy Bubble Technology.

Take your hair to new heights, get inspired for the New Year and save a fortune today. Say goodbye to ordinary hair – your makeover awaits!

 Credit mentioned:
 Make upartist: Cole Tan
Hair by The Edge studio
Influencer: Yang Bao Bei
Wardrobe: Monki, Zara & Pull and Bear

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