street style on how to wear boyfriend jeans this summer


The thing about boyfriend jeans is that, more often than not, they seem pretty one-dimensional. No matter what you pair them with, the effect seems largely the same: a bit masculine, a bit undone, and very stylish. Which is great but, no matter how much we love them, they can start to become a bit (dare we say it)… boring?

But all hope is not lost! There are ways to recreate the wheel here. In fact, we’ve come up with seven totally genius ways to wear boyfriend jeans this summer that we guarantee you haven’t thought of. Anyone can wear them with a staple button-up, a nautically striped T-shirt, or a black leather bomber—it takes a bit more innovation to pull off the sestyling tricks.


Rip them up with reckless abandon.

Most boyfriend jeans come built-in with a respectable number of small tears and rips. But what’s trending now is ripped jeans that are so ripped they almost look like they’re coming apart—you can buy them off the rack like that, or (if you’re feeling brave!) you can take a pair of scissors to your favorite pair. Just remember, as blogger Margaret Zhang illustrates here: the more leg showing, the better.


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Wear them unrolled.

Far and away, most of us wear our boyfriend jeans rolled at the hems. This is partially because many versions of the trend come in excessively long cuts, but it’s also because it’s been the most-approved way to wear them for some time now. Our suggestion? Try unrolling them for a different, more tailored look. Styling note: you might actually need to take your beloved boyfriends to a tailor to achieve the look perfectly.


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Embrace your inner tomboy.

We can all agree that, at their core, boyfriend jeans are ultimately a masculine-inspired trend. After all, they’re literally named after the special man in your life! So why not take a unique approach to the trend and multiply the look’s masculinity to the nth degree? The recipe is simple: pair your boyfriend jeans with a set of on-trend sneakers and a letterman sweater for maximum impact.


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Wear a less traditional dark wash.

Most boyfriend jeans regularly making rounds on street style blogs stick to a very light, sometimes almost white, wash. Break from tradition and pick up a pair in a much darker shade; then pair them with a top in an on-trend pastel, like pink or mint.


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Give them a model off-duty treatment.

The whole model-off-duty vibe never fails to appeal. On that note, pair your favorite boyfriend jeans with a low-heeled sandal and your comfiest T-shirt, and then toss a jacket across your shoulders. Everyone will probably think you’re a model just by association.


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Marry them to the equally androgynous military trend.

The other trend that’s very popular right now (and that’s equally as masculine-inspired): military gear. Top your boyfriend jeans with a military green jacket or vest—then feminize the look with a really great pair of high heels.


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Business on top, playtime on bottom.

A great way to dress up a classic pair of boyfriend jeans is to wear a business-ready blazer on top; Song of Style blogger Aimee Song illustrates a super cute version of the idea. This is also a smart approach to wearing boyfriend jeans at the office—no one can say you’re being too casual if you’re wearing an ultra-sleek blazer.

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