skinfood premium lettuce & cucumber watery line

Skinfood premium

REPACKAGED and back with even greater benefits for your skin, Skin Food is re-introducing  new range of skincare products known as the Premium Lettuce & Cucumber Watery Line.

Each line is a complete set perfect for daily skincare routines with the Premium Lettuce & Cucumber Watery Line is suitable for those seeking to hydrate and soothe their skin.

The Premium Lettuce & Cucumber Watery Line is back with higher content of key ingredients, enhanced moisture, premium-grade sustainable lettuce and cucumbers. More compact and with simpler exterior designs, the products are completely free of harsh chemicals such as artificial dyes and mineral oils.

The watery mist from this ultra-hydrating skincare line,is recommended for those whose skin turns red easily, who requires something to rehydrate dry and rough skin and those who would like to use a facial mist as a replacement for their toner.

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