minimalist + white = chic


In addition to closet-envy, Diddy’s annual White Party has given us many insights on how to and sometimes how not to, wear white over the years. It’s the pull of a clean aesthetic that feels ambitious. For some, wearing white connotes confidence. Confidence that your inner klutz is calm and no coffee/curry gets on your white threads at lunch. But let’s look beyond the immaculate. Minimalism makes as much of a personal statement as a brightly coloured outfit. The mavericks of minimalism you see here, are proof that this time, mastering frosted finery is about precise tailoring, great fabrics and proportions.


How do you choose a white-on-white outfit? Invest in understated separates. Look for silhouettes that have an architectural influence, clean lines and pieces with textural contrast (think silk and tweed or ribbed knit with linen). Once you’ve covered the essentials, you’re free to play with shapes, textures and volume. 


What else could go with your new, frosty wardrobe? Lighter hair of course. Ash, blonde, grey and pastel shades are all the rage and as a bonus – complement your minimalist look. Take your beauty cravings for all things pure and channel that into changing your hair game.


Sure, minimalism calls for barely there accessories but the right stack of rings, watch, layered necklace, choker, earrings, bag or footwear can make a world of difference. The trick is to find pieces that are understated yet visually appealing on their own. Stick to the essentials with this look and you’ll ace it in no time.


We’re on a minimalist kick! Naturally our outerwear has to follow suit with a pared-down approach. Striking pieces with streamline aesthetics are what you can look out for. A simple detail here and there makes a look fresh. Lookout for a slightly oversized fit, a striking hemline/neckline and versatile pieces or change things up with an asymmetrical cut, pop of colour, sculptural details or contrasting textures.


Fashion may be fickle at times but chic trends have come full circle. Out of all the one-hit-wonders we have come across, we sure are glad all-white fashion stays in style and on point. Be it on swimsuits, pants, the classic tee, footwear, dresses or accessories – an all-white ensemble is a refreshing detox from the army of prints at our disposal.

As you decided between pristine origami folds, sharp cut outs, technical cottons, clean hems and that pop of colour, consider this trend a blank canvas. Now, run with it.


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