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Enter into the ethereal world of Milin, where silhouettes are waist-defining, colour palettes are dreamy, designs are playful and the mood is sugar sweet. Offering snazzy party dresses in whimsical prints, glittery textures and theatrical shapes, there’s hardly any other designer out there quite like this, with exaggerated designs we’re only more than happy to put on – and we’re quite sure we’ll never be able to get enough of.


Popculture : We’ve been told by friends in Bangkok that   you are currently one of Thailand’s hottest designers! What contributes to your success?

Milin : Thank you, that’s a huge compliment. I have a great team that’s as hardworking and loves this brand as much as I do.

Popculture : Tell us more about your brand Milin; and describe a Milin girl.

Milin : A Milin girl is spontaneous, fearless and she is absolutely in love with fashion.

Popculture : What (or who) inspired you to create your own fashion label?

Milin : Since I was little, art has always been my biggest passion. And while growing up, I knew that I would end up being in fashion one way or another; so having a fashion label was part of the plan all along. I enjoy creating and designing each and every piece in my collection – so I think it’s the feeling in that moment that inspires me. I’m lucky to be doing what I love.

Popculture :  So are you fulfilling your childhood dream?

Milin : Yes, it is pretty close.

Popculture : You studied in New York. How much of New York do we see in your designs?

Milin : I love energy and vibrancy of New York City. So somehow, I’ve translated that into my designs, that’s meant for girls about town who are always on the go.

Popculture : Did you have any mentors back in New York whom you regard highly?

Milin : No, but I do have a bunch of girlfriends who stick together while we were living in New York. Their interesting stories inspired me, and ultimately reflect on how I want to live my life and how I design my collections.

Popculture : What’s your life motto?

Milin : My mom always says, “If you run into a problem, that means you are in the right direction.”

Popculture : We’re pretty sure you serve as a key figure to many aspiring designers now. Any designer you look up to?

Milin : It keeps changing but now I love, love Alexander Wang!

Popculture : By the way, congratulations on your wedding recently, your dress was stunning! Was it a Milin creation?

Milin : Yes, and thank you. My team and I made 7 dresses in total; they are all very “me”.

Popculture : Well, our editor’s wedding is coming up too! Design a dress for her, will you?

Milin : Sure, I would be happy to.

Popculture : How would you describe the current fashion scene in Bangkok?

Milin : It’s like a war zone, especially in all the hot spots. The girls here dress to kill!

Popculture : Social media platforms like Line & Instagram have made social marketing big in Thailand. What is Milin’s current strategy with social media?

Milin : We don’t have a strategy per se, we just post what we think our followers want to see and what might inspire them.

Popculture : Bangkok is highly regarded as a shopping haven for Malaysian girls. Where would you recommend our shoppers to find clusters of Thai designer brands?

Milin : Siam Center

Popculture : Any international expansion plans? When can we expect to see Milin available in Malaysia?

Milin : Soon, I hope.

Popculture : What are your insights to 2016’s trends?

Milin : Loose silhouettes are something to look forward to next season.

Popculture : A word of advice for aspiring fashion entrepreneurs and designers?

Milin : Work hard and keep doing what you love.

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