L’OCCITANE REINE BLANCHE The New Illuminating Program Tested & Developed For Asian Skin


For hundreds of years, women have associated a flawlessly translucent complexion with beauty and femininity. Poets and painters alike have celebrated this idea in their works, capturing the essence of the quintessential woman who possesses a creamy, milky-white complexion that seems to glow from the inside out. The quest to preserve our skin’s radiance is often marred by challenging climatic conditions, such as the sun’s harsh rays, erratic weather fluctuations and more, but that doesn’t stop us from trying our best to achieve our dream complexion.


Whitening Market Overview:

In the beauty industry, whitening skincare represents 16% of the global skincare, and is the most popular choice in Asia. A survey conducted by Synovate has also revealed that 4 out of 10 women in Hong Kong, Malaysia, the Philippines, South Korea and Taiwan use a skin whitening cream. What’s more, a report by Global Industry Analysts (GIA) predicts that the global skin lightening market will reach USD10 billion by year 2015!


There is hope yet for all of us who yearn for perfectly fair, translucent skin without having to subject our skin to harsh, man-made ingredients. L’OCCITANE is proud to present a new scientific breakthrough in the form of a plant that has the power to spectacularly illuminate and brighten the skin, all in the gentlest, most natural way possible.


The Queen of The Meadow

Reine des Prés, also known as Meadowsweet, is the heart of the all-new L’OCCITANE Illuminating collection, Reine Blanche. What is special about Reine des Prés is that the flower’s petals, which are initially creamy in tone, gradually become whiter as they are exposed to the light. The plant contains Salicylic Acid, known for its mild exfoliating action, which helps to refine skin texture and encourage renewal. Specially-developed for the delicate skin of Asian women, Reine Blanche helps you reveal an immaculately fair, luminous complexion.

Reine des Prés, the pure white flower that illuminates its petals over time

A tale of purity and beauty

In early summer, the mountain meadows of Lus-la-Croix-Haute in Drôme, France are transformed from lush green into soft, immaculate white. All around, almost as far as the eye can see, are delicate white flowers, blooming at the ends of slender stems that stand tall above the grass, sometimes growing up to more than one metre in height. The pure air is filled with the unmistakably sweet, heady scent of Reine des Prés. In English, the name of the plant is translated into ‘queen of the meadow’. Could it be to this majestic attitude that Reine des Prés owes its name?


Reine des Prés has traditionally been used in Provence as part of bridal bouquets. These delicate, graceful creamy-white flowers grow in clusters, and they symbolize beauty and purity. But what makes it special to L’OCCITANE is its ability to change colour when exposed to light – when it first blooms, the petals are creamy, but they gradually become whiter.


Reine Blanche, The Illuminating Program

Offers A Luxurious Routine, Clinically Proven Benefits

Specially-formulated for Asian skin, Reine Blanche is a comprehensive daily skincare programme for fairer, more luminous skin.

Nature-derived for visible results

Over time, the skin’s natural mechanisms of melanin production become disorganized. Combined with aging, UV rays and pollution, this disrupts the process. The L’OCCITANE laboratory has identified the MITF gene, which stimulates pigment-producing enzymes like tyrosinase, responsible for melanin production. When this gene is stimulated, melanin production increases, and is then diffused up to the skin’s surface. As a result, we notice skin darkening, dark spot formation, uneven skintone, dullness and loss of transparency

Evaluation of the in vivo efficacy

Dermatologists also observed proven effectiveness on dark spots, with the size, colour, number and overall appearance all reduced.** The below photo analysis of the best result obtained among the 32 panelists.

Reine Blanche: Your Journey Towards Complete Illumination

Supremely effective and sublimely gentle, pamper your skin with this luxurious 5-piece ritual, presented in clean, white apothecary-style jars with a lustrous finish.


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