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We got jiggy with an eyebrow showdown (à la Cara Delevingne vs. Emilia Clark) with our very own Pop Culture X Kate Tokyo Eyebrow Designing Collection! We were on a hunt for 3 winners (either from the Pop Culture Club or Subscribers) to experience an Eyebrow Tutorial with Kate Tokyo for themselves – for a makeover so good they’ll never have to cringe looking at scarily thin eyebrows in their old photos – and here they are, transformed!


1. The magic touch: Kate Tokyo Lasting Eyebrow W   (FL) and Eyebrow Mascara

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Essentially a two-in-one tool with a contouring pencil on one end and blending powder on the other, this was used to draw on the most au naturel thick eyebrows to frame Jun Wei’s face. First off, fill in the eyebrows with eyebrow powder, and use the pencil and mascara to fill in the remaining bare spots. Tip: the centre of the eyebrow should be the darkest, with a lighter colour blended on both sides.


2. The magic touch: Kate Tokyo Lasting Eyebrown W (SL)

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Shi Ori’s eyebrows got a well-deserved treat to further define and frame her eyes. Start off with using the sponge-tipped applicator to draw a straight line as if adding a shade to under the brow from the inner to outer corner, then use the opposite end of the pencil to fill in the space with light, feather lines in soft strokes. Finally, flip over the pen again to blend with the sponge-tipped applicator. Voilà!


3. The magic touch: Kate Designing Eyebrow Powder

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Alyssa’s originally thin brows got a revamp! Use the Designing Eyebrow Powder to shade along eyebrows and bridge of the nose for a smooth and natural gradient. Result: Alyssa’s spruced up brows gives her face more character, resulting in her looking fresh and perky! Best thing is, the eyebrow powder comes in 3 natural shades to suit all skin tones.

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