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The fashion house that made the sneaker wedges a hit, the woman behind the label herself; Isabel Marant founded her namesake label in 1994. Marant was born in 1967 with fashion in her blood – Her mother was a German model and her Father, a French photographer. Her style is all about creating your own uniform where hers includes chic tailored jackets, luxurious sweaters and playful skirts.


Her effortlessly romantic and bohemian edge is coupled with her own quintessentially Parisian approach to dressing has led her to be often emulated but never matched.


The cool, pared-down label with Parisian vibe started out with only a ready-to-wear collection for Spring/Summer 1995. It then steadily grew at a steady pace from a niche label to an international mega-brand. Marant has been quoted to say “My brand has grown slowly and organically. I took the decision to build it step by step, in order to maintain full freedom and honesty in my work.” Marant’s specific vision — American ease meets Parisian luxe, shot through with hippie exuberance — has been embraced more universally than she could have ever dreamed. After high school, Marant enrolled in the well-regarded Parisian design school Studio Berçot, then took low-level jobs at Chloé and Yohji Yamamoto before launching a jewellery line in 1989 for her label then named Twen, then launching her RTW collection and relabelling it to Isabel Marant 5 years later. In 1999, Marant launched “Etoile” her lower priced diffusion line which means Star in French and has grown to owning 18 standalone boutiques and over 35 retailers worldwide. When Isabel Marant was studying fashion design at Studio Berçot, the school’s director, Marie Rucki, gave her an invaluable nugget of wisdom. “She told me to never design anything that I wouldn’t wear myself. That influenced my work from the start and gave me a realistic approach that continues to inform what I do,” An indie favourite among fashion mavens and magazines, and is known for minimalist, bohemian clothing: short, casual dresses, loose-fitting knits, slouchy trousers, tailored jackets, and lush scarves, that in 2013 when Isabel Marant’s collection for H&M was launched, it was so sought after that it crashed their website! Indeed, influenced by Rucki’s practical piece of advice, Marant has built a business that, over 20 years, has seen consistent annual growth rates of between 20 and 30 percent and an achievement made all the more impressive by the fact that Marant retains full ownership of the company. Today, the ultra-cool French label is all about stripped back casual chic that exudes laidback sexiness and an air of nonchalance. Relaxed yet sexy silhouettes, slouchy yet skinny jeans, embroidered trophy jackets and the most covetable shoes and accessories make Isabel Marant’s effortlessly hip label the “fash pack’s” choice.


Spring / Summer 2015 collection


Modern art, specifically painters like Joan Miró and Antoni Tàpies, whose graphic work led Marant in the direction of Africa—”tribal without being too literal” is what this collection is all about.  It made for the perfect uniform for any girl wanting to show off a girly figure and legs and a taste for fine materials and far flung places, and it made one dream of the summer months ahead.


Fall / Winter 2015 collection


Playing with her tried and tested feminine, masculine, chic and sporty codes, Isabel Marant pressed all the right buttons by characteristically producing another highly covetable offering of modernist fashion. Buttons were a focal point of her Navy-inspired Fall collection — arranged in threes or fours, lending a touch of military chic to everything from shoulders, hips and legs. Casual chic monochrome ikat prints and on-trend ribbon lacing at the neckline, which added a shot of sex appeal.

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