How Berliners Do Bike Style


With all of its bike lanes and easy-to-navigate neighbourhoods, Berlin is a cyclist’s dream. And even if the metropolis does boast a pretty convenient transit system, there’s nothing quite like pulling up to your destination on a set of two chromed-out wheels. The city is full of riders who refuse to sacrifice style for comfort, and every cycler has their own set of tricks that ensure the only thing out of place is an effortlessly messy, windswept ‘do.

We asked five Berlin creatives how they maintain personal style while wheeling around town. From rain-proof riding to heightened hems, read below for their advice on keeping bike style as breezy as your morning commute.

How Berliners Do Bike Style: Tokyobike bike fashion


TAINÁ GUEDES, CEO And Founder At Entretempo Kitchen Gallery.

With a collection of bellowing kimonos that has the potential to make every girl at Coachella envious, Tainá Guedes has become a pro at cycling no matter how flowing her ensemble may be. “I love the carefree look of a draping kimono,” says Guedes, “but I don’t want to have to worry about it getting caught during my ride.”

The savvy gallerist is full of advice for fellow boho-lovers, revealing the convenience that a cinched belt provides. “If i’m wearing a belt, I can loop the kimono through it for security. Otherwise, I just tie both ends in a loose knot until I’ve reached my destination.”


How Berliners Do Bike Style: Tokyobike bike fashion


Winston Chmielinski, Artist

When it comes to winters in Berlin, the weather can feel worse than the forecast on Game of Thrones. Summer disappears after a mere four weeks, and blue skies quickly turn into snowy disasters. For Winston Chmielinski, however, not even a Berlin blizzard can put the brakes on his love for bikes.

“I love bundling,” says Chmielinski. “I actually feel really good about myself when I emerge in the late-AM darkness looking like a pillow and duvet set.” Rather than throwing on any old hoodie, the artist is just as innovative with layering as he is with art. Mixing prints, textures and colours, Chmielinski isn’t afraid to be daring – so long as he’s adequately covered.


How Berliners Do Bike Style: Tokyobike bike fashion


Gloria Cardona, Junior Editor at Sleek


A major fan of Man Repeller’s no pants movement, Gloria Cardona knows the struggles of biking in a skirt. Luckily, she’s picked up a few tricks along the way to ensure no one has the opportunity to label her a flasher. “It’s all about positioning your skirt so that it’s flat against the seat during your ride. Also, gathering the fabric and securing it between your legs with a bobby pin and hair tie creates a pair of faux pants if you want to be 100% safe.”


How Berliners Do Bike Style: Tokyobike bike fashion


Yildau ter Beek and Bianca Bellani, Gallery Assistants at Entretempo Kitchen Gallery.


Yildau ter Beek and Bianca Bellani agree that biking in style is more about preparedness than keeping up with the latest trends. Both cyclers are never caught off their guard, and each of them admits to toting around everything from an eye-catching rain jacket to a cozy beanie during their daily commute. “I always try to find a balance between staying stylish and biking with ease. Athleticwear has become really big these days, which makes biking on-trend a lot more convenient.”

How Berliners Do Bike Style: Tokyobike bike fashion

Further Tips:

How to cuff your trousers with the pin roll: The first step is to grab the inside of your trousers’ leg and fold it over towards the outside so that it’s neat and tight to the shin. Then while holding it tight, fold it upwards by a few inches so that the fold stays secure and it won’t get tangled up during your ride.

– Cycling doesn’t mean having to abandon the leggy look of heels altogether. Ditch the skinny stilettos, though, and opt for thicker styles and platforms instead.

– Jump on the reflective and new new-rave trends for style that keeps you safe. We like the SS17 men’s collection from Landlord.

– Always carry a plastic shopping bag to tie over the seat when you park the bike under the rain, so you don’t reach your next destination with a wet bum.

– In terms of fabrics for winter wool is a great option as it keeps you warm while drawing perspiration away from the body.

– If you don’t want to carry a backpack and don’t have a basket consider attaching a rack above your front wheel, so you never lose sight of your prized belongings, because big cities.



How Berliners Do Bike Style

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