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Listening to music from your computer is so last year but what’s even more outdated is listening to your vinyls horizontally – who does that anymore? Introducing Chicago-based electronics start-up, Gramovox’s Floating Record player, a successful $50,000 Kickstarter campaign to produce a vertical spinning vinyl player. Made with a choice of maple or walnut wood panelling for an added old school vibe, the player also comes with built-in speakers, amplifiers and phono pre-amp making the design sleek and elegant without the bulk. The highlight of the Floating Record player other than it’s unique upright design is their Audio Technica AT95E dual magnet diamond tip phono cartridge for the best sounding grooves.



Developed by Polyera, a flexible electronics company, Wove Band is a revolutionary smart wearable that doesn’t limit your surface to a screen. Made with Polyera’s Digital Fabric and E-ink electronic ink film, the Wove Band’s multi-touch display wraps around your wrist comfortably like a slap band and features all the essential specifications a normal smartwatch has: display notifications, run apps and of course, tell you the time. Within it’s 3cm x 16cm size is a 4GB internal storage and it runs on an Android 5.1 operating system. The Wove Band is electronic interaction on your body that succeeds others – paving the way to a new gateway of wearables.



For people living in small spaces or simply love the minimalist appeal, Pablo Designs and renowned Italian designer Carmine Deganellow paired up to bring you the UMA Light Speaker – the world’s first lantern x speakers. Combining both light and sound in one single lantern-shaped form, the UMA Light Speaker is portable and wireless, perfect for bringing around to parties, backyard BBQs, your bedroom – anywhere! Equipped with intuitive touch-sensitive surface for volume and a dial for light control, you can also connect the UMA Light Speaker to your mobile devices via Bluetooth to control it from anywhere. The cone shape functions more than just a polished design but it gives you a 360 degree light and sound coverage for maximum enjoyment as well.



Making every audiophile’s dream come true, Marshall’s first-ever portable speakers, Killburn, is one of Marshall’s latest additions to their range of home speakers. Bringing together their timeless design with added portability, Killburn is compact, wireless and features a powerful battery life for music lovers everywhere to enjoy impeccable sound. Featuring a 4-inch woofer, a pair of three-quarter inch tweeters and three amps,  you can connect to the Killburn via 4.0 Bluetooth for a cable-free experience or if you want some privacy, plug in to their 3.5 mm headphone jack for full immersion. The Killburn’s design is reminiscent of its predecessors with its signature faced and analog knobs but this time a guitar strap inspired leather handle is added.

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