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Ficus + JarsWho are they?Ficus + Jars is the brainchild of Faisal Hashim, a well-known photographer and Faizal Mahmud, a passionate graphic designer. Aside from their similar and almost identical names, Faizal and Faisal shared a common ideology when it came to landscaping their apartments. With such tight spaces, plants are almost out of the question but what if you could plant tiny plants living in tiny apartments of their own? This idea struck the duo and the journey began as they explored the possibility of stylizing and innovating modern design into urban agriculture – to create beauty in a jar. By the end of 2013, Ficus + Jars gained social media notoriety and blossomed their small ideas into a small business.



Living in the city and being stuck in a small apartment or office cubicle can be quite depressing. With no form of plant life or greeneries around you, your space can feel cold and sometimes even stressful. Ficus + Jars believes in promoting a therapeutic home and lifestyle through their aesthetically beautiful jars of happiness and aim to prove that small changes can make big differences. These terrariums are not merely a decorative for an empty space but serve to reduce stress, increase creativity and elevate the mood of your environment. There’s no denying that the calm scent of fresh plants and the sight of growing life is enough to make everyone’s day.


Terrariums are the modern day bonsais sans the price and care needed to keep them alive. They are an artform living inside a sculpture and fit just about anywhere in your home or office. The plants used here at Ficus + Jars are cacti, succulents and air plants – all of which are low maintenance and hardy plants that require little attention – perfect for our busy, hectic lifestyles. Here at Ficus + Jars, their modern and minimalist terrarium designs are easy to complement any space and seamlessly blend into their surroundings without having to fork out a ton of cash. They are literally miniature landscapes in a glass jar; why wouldn’t anybody want that?



Gardening, often times, is regarded as a form of therapy – a mind-numbing action that allows you to function with your subconscious and feel a sense of lightness. The same effect happens with growing your own terrarium. A terrarium is like a metaphor to life and its adversities – it shows you that attention and care towards a subject will more often than not reap delightful results. The act of caring for a terrarium is also stress-relieving, especially when growth is evident and the natural colors of green, grey, white and brown are always calming to the soul. Having a form of life surrounding you is always beneficial to your mood.It brightens your day in the morning and it helps improve your mood and creativity – which in return helps increase your happiness and positivity towards life. Of course, it also helps if you terrarium is in an artistic jar.


With 8 sleek and simple designs under their belt so far, Ficus + Jars have established their reputation for offering minimalist and contemporary terrariums everyone can afford and enjoy. Their terrariums are made with an open-mouth structure for easy access to your plant and made with clear glass – a wonderful way to admire Ficus + Jar’s intricate miniature landscape of layered soil and stones. The clear glass also offers a clean look without over-crowding your space with too many colors or too many textures. Inspired by the angular beauty of crystal formations, Ficus + Jars’ signature Faceted Geometric Glass Terrarium is quick to become everyone’s favorite – a great way to add a touch of character to any home.


Ficus + Jars are here to stay, spreading the green vibe and happiness in a jar to everyone they can reach. If you would like to own your own portable jar of beauty, check them out at Ficus + Jars Workshop at Bandar Saujana Putra or follow them on Facebook and Instagram (@ficusandJars). If you have creative blood flowing in your veins, try Ficus + Jars’ DIY kit to build you own terrarium and explore the ideas of building your own personalized one.

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