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We were pleased to be invited to the launch of Parkland, based from Vancouver launches it’s brand of backpacks and accessories in Singapore. Parkland “Designed for Discovery” remains minimalistic but still making a serious statement with the series pop of colours. The set up for Parkland range sets the idea that it’s made for the active and cool person searching for new adventures.

Upon arrival at Hotel Jen Tanglin, we were given a bag containing refreshments, book, stickers and a complimentary Parkland clutch on the spot. Representative media from Malaysia, Thailand and Taiwan were present for the press conference. We made a move to Gardens Bay soon after that, the games began with “Discover Parkland” challenges, the group challenge was to answer a booklet of questions by taking pictures on Instagram and the individual challenge was “Find your Parkland Escape” to take a creative photo to describe their own personal journey.

A long day of discoveries have yet to tire us out. About time for dinner! The dinner was held at this beautiful open farm, at Open Farm Community. Each one of the media representative got a Parkland backpack before product manager, Taylor Hobbs closed her brand presentation with a short appreciation speech. The winners announcement was also made over dinner. Wholesome organic food straight from the farm outside the restaurant. It that suits the Eco theme of how their launch revolve around the concept of discovering the world and nature. Everyone mingled till the night end.




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