Chris Evans Dresses As Captain America For Sick Kids


Actor Chris Evans dressed-up as Captain America to visit some sick kids and he was joined by Chris Pratt for the trip to Seattle Children’s Hospital. The 33-year-old Avengers: Age of Ultronstar got all suited up in his Captain America costume to make the kids smile again. This is the second time the big hearted stars have visited a children’s hospital following their Super Bowl bet last month and the hospital’s Facebook page paid tribute to the actors for their kind hearted gesture.



They wrote:

A superhero size THANK YOU to Chris Pratt and Chris Evans for spending time with our patients today. The kids were beyond excited to meet Captain America and Star-Lord. And thanks to Marvel and Disney for helping make this day extra special!



And the sick kids were certainly left smiling when the two friends dropped-by to try and make them forget about being ill for a day at least.

Evans dressed as Captain America certainly went down well with the kids as he handed out Marvel goodies and posed for photographs and signed autographs too.


And his buddy Guardians Of The Galaxy star, Chris Pratt, also took time to cheer-up the kids too by fooling around and making sure that they got to spend some quality time with their heroes.

The Marvel superheroes wagered trips to children’s hospitals in their respective cities after the Super Bowl.



Pratt is a Seahawks fan who bet his pal Evans a trip to Seattle’s Children’s Hospital while Evans, who is is a huge Patriots supporter in turn bet his rival a trip to Christopher’s Haven Hospital in Boston as a trade-off.


The actors have raised approximately $27,000 for the organizations to date as a result of their actions.Great jobs guys … true life heroes in every sense for cheering up these sick kids in such a fun way.


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