#loveMalaysia58 : Celebrating Merdeka


In conjunction with our 58th Independence Day, Popculture collaborated with Watsons Malaysia and gathered 6 vibrant Malaysian personality to share with you on How Malaysian They Are! From their favourite food, to their favourite destination to their favourite beauty and health tips; read on to find out more about Daphne Iking, Ben Ibrahim, Nadine Ann Thomas, Dewi Liana Seriestha, Farhanna Qismina and Justin Yap!

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Malaysia is famous for its mouth-watering cuisine, what’s your favourite?

Ben: Nasi Lemak with lots of extra sambal and paru

Daphne: A KadazanDusun delicacy called Hinava – Fresh Tenggiri Fish fermented with fresh lemon juice, cut shallots, ginger and chilli. Yum!

Dewi: Ayam pansuh, umai, midin belacan, nasi dagang…

Nadine: Nasi Lemak Ayam Goreng , Chilli Pan­ mee, Bah Ku Teh or Chicken Char Siew Rice. Oh and curry mee too!

What is your favourite Malaysian holiday destination?

Daphne: Sabah! the best of three worlds – sea/beach, mountains and jungles/forest

Qismina: Definitely Sabah because Sabah do have a lot of magnificent island there! Such an amazing site to see

Justin: Definitely Penang because of its nonchalant charm and its glorious food!

Nadine: Penang! My mother hails from Penang so i spent most of my childhood and young adult life walking the streets of Penang, helping my Grandpa ( God rest his soul) walk along ChowRasta Market choosing Asam and Pia for us to take home to KL. Penang’s rich history, amazing food coupled with genuinely nice and helpful people not to mention the island holds many sweet memories for me make it my favourite Malaysian destination!

You guys are all Malaysians, but… How Malaysian are you?

Ben: I say lah all the time and my Bahasa Rojak is a mixture of Malay, Cantonese, Mandarin, and English words and phrases.

Daphne: I have almost all the traditional costumes/attire of the different races found in Malaysia inside my closet. I take pride that we have such a unique melting pot of different cultures in our country, and if I’m invited for a particular open house for a celebration of any sort, I can don my traditional wear and I wear it with such pride and delight. Like most families in Malaysia, my family is also very multi blended/ multi cultured and I love the fact that we are able to celebrate our indifferences maturely and with so much

Nadine: As Malaysian as it gets! I’m Chindian ( Which is a rare ‘mix’ in other countries in the world) . I represented my country as Miss Universe Malaysia and helped promote our beautiful nation. I speak English and Malay fluently plus a little Cantonese and Hokkien.  Lastly , the moment i touch down from my travels Nasi Lemak with a Teh Tarik is a must before getting home! Malaysian enough for you?


If you can only choose 3 words to describe Malaysia, what would it be?

Ben: Spicy, humid and creative

Dewi: Unique, multiracial & multiculture

Qismina: My Blood, My Soul, My Country <3

Justin: Inspiring, Charming and United.

If you’re given the chance for your wish for Malaysia to be granted, what would it be?

Daphne: To have faith and to never give up. Let us not be swayed by the one two rotten apples in the basket, and let us continue to love Malaysia and to celebrate our unique diversity amongst one another – extending our respect and love for each other and agreeing to disagree with maturity. Let us work hand in hand in making sure Malaysia continues to prosper, not just economically, but also in our values and goals of being a strong, united and rational community.

Dewi: that Malaysia continues to live in harmony and to respect one another

Qismina: Im hoping for Malaysia to be peaceful forever and fight for their own country no matter what. Always come together as 1 Malaysia.

Nadine: My wish if for Malaysia to develop into a leading nation, standing on par with the power house countries in the world. I wish for segregation and the promotion of superiority of Race and Religion to end. When i have children i wish for them to grow up in a country that views all as equals , a society that instead of fearing the unknown ,embraces each other’s differences. I wish for Malaysians to stand united in love and mutual respect.

Share a beauty or personal grooming tip or two with us!

Ben: Nothing beats having good breath.  So always carry mouthwash with you.  Doesn’t mean you wash your mouth once, your breath will smell good for the whole day.

Daphne: I use petroleum jelly as “mascara” to darken my lashes when I’m out diving. It won’t make a mess when I’m underwater, but if defines my eyes and protects it from the harsh salt water and sun and wind.

Dewi: Always keep a lipstick or gloss in your bag at all times.

Qismina: I don’t have any beauty tips. But one thing for sure, you will always look beautiful with your smile on your face.

Nadine: A blend of honey with raw brown sugar makes an excellent face/ body scrub. The sugar naturally and gently exfoliates while the honey moisturizes my skin. One a week and i promise you will feel the difference. Make sure your eyebrows are always on point! Why? Because your eyebrows frame one’s face, it sharpens features and makes your overall look more defined. Lastly always have mascara on you – eyes are a focal point during communication, so make sure you have a coat on! It brightens your face, not to mention it’s the best companion for a natural casual I really don’t wanna put on makeup kind of day.

Hmm… What about any healthy tips from you?

Ben: This is something I am always trying to improve, but try and drink as much water as possible.  We Malaysians love sweet drinks, which is very unhealthy. The other health tip is to try and go for a run or a walk every 2nd day.  At the moment I am trying to go for a 4km run, 4 times a week. It’s hard, but we got to try.

Daphne: I accompany a good diet with regular exercises that involves running (5km for cardio), yoga (flexibility) and bodytone power plate (45 minutes for strength training) to ensure my body fat percentage is kept within normal parameters. I’ve stopped judging my healthy weight by looking merely at my conventional scale. I get a body composition analysis done every 6 weeks to see how I am doing. As long as my muscle weight is up and body fat down, I’m happy.

Dewi: exercise of course. and drink lots of infused water. I myself drink water infused with ginger, lemon and cucumber.

Qismina: Drink a lot of water. Plain water. And remember, Laughing is one of the best medicine for you to stay healthy!

Justin: De-stressing is very important, a healthy body starts with a healthy mind.

Nadine: Everything in moderation. No crash diets, no juice diets! Just good old fashion food, water and some exercise. Try to eat vegetables with various colours for every meal. This gives you a range of vitamins and minerals which our bodies require. Every morning drink a class of water with lemon. This helps kickstart your body and metabolism not to mention it’s full of vitamin C and helps to boost your immune system.

Lastly, a challenge! Which one of you makes a better Orang Utan?

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