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“I found the secrets to glowing holiday skin at AsterSpring.”


Secret No. 1

“I drink a shot of Vitalzyme daily to help me stay fresh and give my skin that healthy-glow from the inside out.”

Your skin mirrors your inner health. This means, what you feed your body is equally important as what you put on your skin. Sure, “an orange a day could keep pigmentation away”, but the amount of Vitamin C you would get, may not be sufficient to produce required enzymes. Enter Vitalzyme. A daily enzyme drink that provides your daily dose of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to slow down the skin’s ageing process and promote overall skin health.

Vitalzyme is an all-natural blend of 120 fruits and herbs that’s combined with 54 types of good bacteria. The beverage is formulated without alcohol, pesticides, preservatives, added sugar, artificial colouring or flavouring. It combines traditional methods of fermentation in cypress barrels for 180 days with Japanese technology to improve enzyme quality. Each 15ml serving brings you one step closer to sparkling skin, delivering potent antioxidants, phytonutrients and organic acids.


Secret No. 2

“I make it a point now to exercise two days before a facial appointment. It keeps me active and promotes better absorption during the treatment.”

Nothing gives your skin an oxygen boost like an increase in blood flow. Of all the beauty benefits of regular exercise, increasing your heart rate and blood flow helps carry nutrients to working cells throughout the body. This changes your skin’s ability to absorb the goodness it’s treated to. Put this secret on your Pre & Post Facial To-Do List for double the skin goodness.

Not a fan of exercise? AsterSpring has a remedy called Skin Fitness Formula. It uses Endermologie®, a cutting-edge French technology, to increase natural production of hyaluronic acid (+80%), collagen and skin firmness (+23%) and elastin (+46%). This in turn increases skin radiance by +98% and reduces the appearance of wrinkles up to 21%. This is achieved via non-invasive mechanical stimulation. Now that your skin is prepped, increase your water intake to flush out toxins and invest in a hydrating mask. For maximum effectiveness, apply facial serum before donning your mask.


Secret No. 3

“Who says you can’t put on makeup after a facial? I use Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics daily to avoid clogged pores!”

Daily makeup + improper removal = clogged pores, and that’s an avoidable equation. To minimize this, mix your favourite Dermalogica moisturizer with Youngblood’s Mineral Loose Powder to create a personalized tinted moisturizer! This combination helps create a flawless finish, protect your skin, and achieve ideal coverage by gradually increasing the amount of loose powder mixed in.

To uncover more sparkling secrets and discover beauty delights, ‘Like’ the AsterSpring Malaysia Facebook Fan Page or head to your nearest AsterSpring Centre. Our skin therapist awaits with more secrets just for you!

Popculture Influencer  //  Shi Ori
Make up  //  COLE TAN 
Hair Do  //  Jen from Gin2U Studio 
Apparel and Accessories  //  Bershka, Pull & Bear and Monki 

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